Chinese yellow wine and Chinese traditional culture.

Issuing time:2018-08-27 00:00

Yellow wine is one of the three ancient wines in the world, and it is also the "quintessence" of Chinese wine. It is a kind of alcohol with high nutritional value and beneficial to human health. Yellow wine is fermented raw wine made from rice (glutinous rice), so the beneficial ingredients of yellow wine fermented are kept in the original wine. It contains 21 kinds of amino acids, organic acids, vitamin B and oligosaccharides and trace inorganic elements and other nutrients, which contain the human body can not synthesize and necessary 8 kinds of amino acids, and most of the low molecular sugar and peptide, amino acid leaching state exists, so it is easy to absorb for the human body, known as "liquid Cake" said. Yellow wine set beverage, medicinal, seasoning three kinds of functions in a, each liter of heat is 1000-2000 calories.

These have long been known to the world. In recent years, domestic experts have made a deep study on the nutritional and health function of yellow wine: It has been detected that yellow wine contains phenolic substances beneficial to health, functional oligosaccharides, functional r-amino acids and active peptides, and the amino acid composition and sequence of four blood-lowering active peptides and a cholesterol-lowering active peptide have been identified.

With the experiments of rats, fruit flies and other animals, it is proved that yellow wine can improve memory, immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-anxiety, high-efficiency weight loss, improve liver, kidney function, longevity and other functions in addition to the function of heavy metal discharge lead. Drinking is drinking healthily, drinking a feeling, and it's not simply drinking so simple. In the people's consumption concept continues to mature today, green, health gradually become the mainstream of food consumption.

Green, nutrition, health care of Chinese yellow wine, will also be more and more people know, accept, love. Chinese yellow Wine has a history of more than thousands of years and is a valuable legacy left by the ancestors.

Thousands of years of deductive history, moderate, fresh, harmonious wine, unique health care function, through the great and intelligent nation generation of the hand vein inheritance, and Chinese culture tied. Confucian culture is China's most distinctive national culture, called "the essence of culture." The two sources are long and profound. Yellow wine is gentle, elegant style, wine culture is simple and thick, inheriting the beauty of the world, the virtue of filial piety, Confucian connotation pay attention to the middle of the middle, advocating light inaction, preaching benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith and other human morality.

Fine taste, yellow wine and Confucian culture can be described as the same, there are similar. The lattice of "mean" yellow wine. The mean Yue said: "The middle, the world is also great, and the world, the way to reach." "Confucianism" and "is associated" with "and", advocating "and for the expensive", "ordinary harmony." The way of mediocrity is that it is not biased and often feasible. The mean is not only an ethical principle, but also a way of interaction between people, the mediocrity is ubiquitous, deeply affecting the life of the Chinese nation. Yellow wine is known as "soft and warm", which coincides with the Confucian thought of the harmony of moderation. Yellow wine set sweet, sour, bitter, Xin, fresh, astringent six flavor in one, natural fusion to form an unusual "lattice", unique, breathtaking. Yellow Wine has a coordinated, mellow, soft, elegant, refreshing comprehensive style, just as the Chinese people "mean" temperament, won the favor of others, known as the "Quintessence" is not. The "Harmony" of yellow wine is also consistent with today's advocacy of "building a harmonious society".

Confucianism "and for the expensive", "ordinary harmony" and yellow Wine "neutralization" of the concept, just gave the modern meaning of "harmony" interpretation, play and imagination of a space. The gift of "benevolence and righteousness" yellow wine. "Benevolence" is the central category and the highest moral criterion of Confucian thought. Zi Yue: "Benevolence, love." "Explanation for Benevolence", in which "benevolence" is the goal, "self-denial" and so that "propriety" to be observed and restored is the way of practice. Mencius, on the other hand, often with "benevolence and righteousness". "Benevolence" embodies the relationship between people, is to respect the care of others on the basis of access to the respect and care of others. Yellow wine is a substance, it has been bound up with people since ancient times. "Wine, it is also, so the good and evil of human nature." "What alcohol does to the human spirit can make man good, and it can make man evil." Although wine has pros and cons, but moderate grasp, the benefits are quite a lot. Wine function has three, one is to relieve fatigue to restore physical strength, two can be medicinal treatment nourishing Fitness, three wines can be gift.

Yellow Wine carries the role of releasing people's spirit, benefiting health, expressing emotion, embodying love and stimulating wisdom, which is related to Confucianism advocating "benevolence and righteousness", advocating the spiritual realm of "unity of Heaven and earth", and advocating friendliness and love is connected. The virtue of "Zhongxiao" yellow wine. Zi Yue: "I want to stand up to the people, have to reach the talent." Confucius believes that loyalty is manifested in the integrity and honesty of human interaction, Mencius said: "Sincere, the way of Heaven is also." Confucius believes that filial piety is the basis of benevolence, filial piety is not limited to the support of parents, but should focus on respect for parents and elders. Mencius is more advocating: "Serve, Stoe." "The Confucian thought of" filial piety "embodies the traditional moral civilization of ancient China and is also a part of Chinese virtue.

Yellow wine is mild in nature, mellow and long, in the long history of Chinese wine culture, yellow wine with its unique "gentle" by the Chinese praise, the cultural customs of yellow wine has always been "respect for the elderly love friends, quaint and generous" as the theme, which is the Confucian pursuit of "Zhongxiao" spirit in the same.

Chinese yellow wine can be described as China's "symbol", is really the accumulation of Chinese traditional culture!